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When Nature Sings

Feeling exhausted? Burning out?
What are your dreams telling you?

Spiritual Life Coach for Healers Facing Compassion Fatigue or Burnout

Anyone who helps others overcome physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual problems is a healer. Unfortunately, people who devote their energy to serving others in the Healing and Helping Professions often feel a growing sense of mental and physical exhaustion. Are you feeling like there is not enough time to take care of everyone, and yourself as well? Left untended, you may face compassion fatigue or burnout.

Indigenous wisdom teaches that you cannot help others if you are broken. If your healing light goes out, it is lost for many.

Those at risk walk many paths:

Deep down we know what we need. Our soul speaks to us through dreams! Are you missing these important messages? Let me help you discover what your soul wants you to know.

I am an indigenous woman and a logical, creative thinker who is dedicated to serving healing and helping professionals who are facing compassion fatigue or burnout. I will help you revitalize your spirit by helping you transform:

I will help you develop a healing and transformative connection to nature that works with your beliefs and lifestyle. Together we will discover your soul's messages so that you can fulfill your life mission!

In Austin? Let's have a session over Puerto Rican coffee on my peaceful back porch in "The Little Forest"!

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The Little Forest

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